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Necip Faz?l is a prominent poet affecting both his contemporary poets and the poets after his time thanks to his poems, in fact thanks to his valuable contributions to our poetry. In his poetics and poems, Necip Faz?l states clearly that the ultimate aim of poetry is “Absolute Truth”, namely to “Look for Allah”. Necip Faz?l, who defines the poetry as “poetry is to look for absolute truth”, calls attention to the mystery in poems, in his words to “figurative”, and “mystical” aspect by resembling science to police and poetry to thief. The themes like religious, metaphysical, and philosophical themes he treated have added great mystery in his poems. Necip Faz?l emphasizes that the “figurative”, and “mystical” are hidden in the words of poets they chose. Therefore, one should know the meanings of the words he placed upon them to comprehend the Necip Faz?l poetry. In this descriptive study, the entities, concepts and notions used as a substitute for pronouns in Necip Faz?l's poems have been classified by determining and construed in terms of statistical and meaning. So, pronouns and the words used as pronouns, although they are not, are determined by scanning poet’s poetry book named as”Çile”. After the meanings they refer, the substitute nouns, are specified by classifying the determined pronouns according to their meaning, the frequency of their use have been plotted on the graphs by determining with a statistical study. Afterwards, in order that researchers benefit more easily from this study, the nouns used instead of the pronouns accordingly the meanings they refer are given by showing them in tables. The most widely used personal pronouns compared to other type of pronouns are also construed by showing them in tables with the meanings they refer thus the substitute nouns by classifying in itself. By this way, the place and importance of the pronouns in Necip Faz?l's poems have been tried to be determined and it has been intended to make a contribution for the understanding and expressing of the poet and poetry


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