Author(s): Haluk YÜCEL

Folk songsreflectTurkishpeople'shappiness , enthusiasm, sadness in terms of physicalandhumanbasedfactors. Folk songsexpressTurkishpeople'sidentitylike a mirror. Theyareimportantbecause of carriyinglivingfeature of thesociety. Folk songs in musicscience not onlybeingopentoresearchpitch , melodicalfeatures, technicalinformance of theinstruments ,technicalstructure of theworks but also a scientificbranchwh?ch can be investigated. Inadditiontothismanyfactors in folk songsgiveinformation of thegeographiesculture. Folk songs of Merzifon because of being in middleblacksearegion has influencedmiddleeastregion. Subjectsandcontents in Turkishfolks aretheelementswhichreflectAnatolianpeople'sfeeling . Folk songswhichgobacktocenturiesagohaveimportance as they can be in poetry form playedbyturkishinstrument ba?lama. Thisresearchwhichinvestigates folk songs in desciptiveway, either in TRT repertoireand folk songalbumor investigating 94 folk songstoldbythepeople in Merzifon region .Thesteps of theresearch is classification of the folk songs , determiningthecontentsandinterpretingsymbolandpatterms of thepictures . Culturalstructure of Merzifon district of Amasya is shapedbyits folk songs Merzifon folk songs, as it has been in middle East cities , playedwithstringedinstrument ''ba?lama''. Thistraditiondatesbacktobillionyearsagoseen in MiddleAsiaculture . Folk songssymbolizesAnatolianpeople'spurefeelingsandthoughts .Although folk songsrefertotheallpeopleliving in thesociety .Inmanyaspects it referstolocalareas . Folk songsarecreatedthankstosocioeconomicalsituationandculturalinfluence of another areas . Not onlycultural , historicaland religiousaspect influence folk songs , but alsogeographicalimportance has influenced. Geographicalaspects has affectedwords , instrumentsandclothespeopleusing . Thisresearch is based on scientificscan of folk songs of Merzifon. Main point of thisresearch is 94 folk songs in Merzifon .Whenpatternsandotherelementsaredetermined , patterns in folk songsarecounted as one. So , Bydoingthis .Motifsseen in folk songsdidn'tprevent general structure of thesongs. Subjects of thestudyaretakenup in findinssectionwithmanyschedule .Firstly ,colour ,tree,flower, human, vegetables , fruits, foods , seasonarestatednumerical in schedule . Andalso , frequentlyusedwords, places ,geographicalplacenames , instruments ,villagenames, religiouswords , traditionalclothings , accessoriesarescanned. Intheresultsection of thestudy, datastaken in schedulesareinterpretedshortly


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